Sydney Pensky (American Israel, b. 1990) is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based in New York City with a BA from University of Delaware. While studying for her undergrad, Sydney was a well known freelance photographer in her home town of Newark, Delaware, shooting for local newspapers and magazines. After moving to New York in 2013, she immersed herself in the studio world and assisted first hand with several well known photographers, accommodating in the preparations for workshops to organized and prepared gear for Lindsay Adler, Erez Sabag and Ira Block, just to name a few, whom are known for their world-wide prestigious platforms of educational photography workshops.

With an interest and drive to promote and volunteer for humanitarian work, she has photographed and specialized in Middle Eastern non profit organizations for 3 years to date such as AIPAC, StandWithUs, and Artists4Israel; Art Healing Kits, focusing predominantly on providing informative information of the current state of Israel in times of war and assisting the aftermath within the communities that were affected. In 2016, Pensky documented ‘Artists4Israel’ sending 9 graffiti artists from all over the world to Israel to create giant murals with a goal to build and construct a sense of hope, happiness and peace for the needy communities in the city of Netanya, Israel. Working side by side with children and teachers of several schools was a direct benefit on society.

 Sydney works on assignment for photojournalism publications, travel, documentary, commercial, and NGO clients and has photographed in over 13 countries around the world. Her work focuses predominantly on human stories that explore social differences, cultural diversity, and economic effects of geographic isolation. Currently, Pensky is out in the field documenting the hardships and everyday tasks of ‘Life in the West Bank Settlements’, in Itamar Israel, displaying the struggles of everyday life in the nearby co-dependent Palestinian communities and the after math of the Obama Administration and where the future will lead the settlers. Her work has been published in Municipal Art Society of New York Museum, Na’Amat USA, and the Daily News Journal.


"As a travel photographer, my studio is the world and the only equipment required is a camera and a willingness to look for new perspectives. Lighting comes courtesy of whatever is available; sun, sky, tungsten, and neon – travel photographers have access to it all. We are not restricted by subject or location only by an obligation to record the world we see with honesty and compassion. More than just exotic locations and wild adventures, travel photography is about seeing our surroundings with fresh eyes and childlike enthusiasm." 

-Gavin Gough