For the past two years, I have partnered up with a non-profit organization that focused on humanitarian projects across the U.S and Israel. I was able to capture and display the efforts, and visual message that was being transmitted to viewers and audiences alike.

Artists 4 Israel is a non profit organization that utilizes the power of art to beautify the land, uplift the people, and enhance the reputation of Israel  through creative humanitarian projects and radical Hasbarah initiatives. A4I's work benefits all Israelis regardless of race, religion, national origin or political belief.

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Netanya, Israel with several amazing and talented graffiti artists from around the world: Portugal, Spain, Peru, and France. Following the theme, “Make Art Not War,” these artists were able to convey a very positive and strong message through their breath-taking artwork. Witnessing the reactions of locals, and admiring the display of peace and love gave me a sense of hope for the future of mankind.

Examples of my images for this NGO/ Non-profit Artists 4 Israel: